Maritime Boot Camp Courses

The Maritime Institute’s Mariner Boot Camp program is designed to produce fully credentialed and professionally trained mariners that are qualified to join any US Merchant Vessel at the entry level.

Students will obtain their Transportation Worker’s Identification Card (TWIC), their US Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), and will be rated by Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers (STCW). These credentials, basic skills training, career skills training specific to the industry, produce a strongly competitive candidate for employment.

Richard Henderson during internship at Magann Corporation
Richard Henderson during internship at Magann Corporation

Basic Training—USCG certification course: (40 hrs / 5-days) course required for all mariners operating on the high-seas. It is comprised of Basic Fire Fighting (16 hrs), Personal Survival Techniques(12 hrs), Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (4 hrs), First Aid and CPR (8 hrs). Students are trained and must demonstrate proficiency in all disciplines. This course is strictly monitered by the USCG and International Maritime Organization (IMO) and meets all training standards.

Deck Familiarization (32 hrs / 4 days): this course is a study of seamanship designed to prepare the student for employment and for all mariners assigned to lookout and watchkeeping support duties from inland to ocean-going vessels. It is designed to teach new skills to the entry-level mariner or to enhance skills of those mariners who have minimal sea-going experience which serves to increase awareness and promote safety in their surroundings.

Engine-Room Familiarization (16 hrs / 2 days): this course is designed to introduce the entry level mariner to shipboard systems common to all commercial vessels, and give an understanding of the complexity and dependence of the vessel upon these systems. Students will learn about engine room safety and common systems in a classroom setting before exploring the mechanics and operations in our Engineering Lab, granting them hands-on access to equipment and tools.

Vessel Personnel With Designated Duties (8 hrs / 1 day): Any applicant who has successfully completed the VPDSD course will satisfy the requirements for security-related training, as per the STCW code. Training includes: knowledge of current security threats and patterns, detection of dangerous weapons, substances, and devices, recognition of patterns to identify threats to security, crowd and crisis management and control techniques, and emergency procedures, systems, and equipment.

Crowd Management (8 hrs / 1 day): Any applicant who has completed this class will satisfy the Crowd Management training requirements as per STCW Code. The course provides trainees with techniques and protocols for managing movement of passengers under emergency conditions necessitating preparation to abandon ship or other crisis situations. Training is general and should be supplemented with ship-board training for systems and protocol unique to each vessel.

Maritime Industry & Career Prep (32 hrs / 4 days): This course provides an overview of all aspects of the Maritime Industry, including: history, support industries and logistics, sectors and jobs within industry, application, interviewing, and resume skills. In addition, the course provides students with opportunities to meet professional mariners and recruiters within the industry to learn what different companies offer and what they look for in hiring new crew.

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